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Graphic Recorders aren't just artists... 

We're system thinkers 🧠 and storytellers,  creating visual landscapes for innovating clients.

Graphic recording

Whether you're a business, non-profit, governmental organization, educational institution or an individual, using visuals to get your ideas across is always a smart idea.  

What is Graphic recording?

Imagine watching your conversation unfold on a wall in front of you, allowing every person in the room to be fully immersed in the collective design process and witness the emergent patterns of the intelligence of the group.

Graphic recording is a map of a conversation that leaves participants with high levels of clarity, connection and investment.
From meetings and workshops to presentations and speakers, graphic recording changes how people see ideas. 

Ideal for gatherings with lots of real-time participant feedback.
Ensure a long term memory for a gathering with hand-drawn visuals that synthesize data and identifies important themes, helps create links and metaphors.


Stay in the know. I’ll treat your details like my pencils (with love).

How can I help?

I can help you and your team confidently navigate those tenuous, liminal moments where new ideas are born, where the wisdom of the collective speaks, when collaborating across difference can get messy.


Need to know more?
I'm always happy to field questions, discuss pricing and travel, start our collaboration or listen to a pitch about something new and exciting. 

Stephensonstraat 38 2014 KD Haarlem
The Netherlands

I'm based out of Haarlem in The Netherlands and travel internationally.


+31 06 11 92 72 40
Stephensonstraat 38,
2014 KD Haarlem

Bank: NL86KNAB 0258135921
KvK: 67702244